Upholding Democracy at Home
Confronting Authoritarianism Everywhere

RDI is defending American democracy and restoring 
its place as a beacon of global freedom.

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Recent Projects

RDI launched the Ukraine Sanctions Tracker after Putin’s invasion of Ukraine to monitor and assess democratic countries’ commitments to aid Ukraine and weaken the Russian war machine.

RDI hosted Dmytro Kuleba, the Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs, align with soldiers on the frontlines for a special briefing on the war just weeks after Putin’s forces invaded. RDI is a stalwart advocate for providing Ukraine everything it needs to preserve its sovereignty and democratic government.

RDI brought together 84 political dissidents from oppressive countries all over the world to release a statement on the meaning of the war in Ukraine and why additional aid to Ukraine is essential. As they say, “these dictators don’t stop; they are stopped.”

In Frontlines of Freedom, RDI united 52 dissidents from 28 countries to create a first-of-its-kind dissident network. In an open letter, videos, written pieces, & events, these RDI Freedom Fellows give us the tools to challenge dictators and fight for democracy.

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Frontlines of Freedom, hosted by Zimbabwean political activist Evan Mawarire, welcomes brave freedom advocates from across the world, who tell their stories of personal sacrifice in defending democracy.

Hosted by Garry Kasparov & Uriel Epshtein, Winter is Here welcomes the top experts in politics and diplomacy to discuss the war in Ukraine and the global clash between dictators and democracies.

Our diverse community is like most American families; we disagree a lot, but we listen to one another. Despite our differences, we believe that there is only one way to solve the challenges facing the nation—working together.

Our Mission

RDI is committed to pulling American democracy back from the brink and restoring its place as a global beacon of freedom.

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