Renew Democracy Initiative

RDI envisions a world where the forces of freedom are united and authoritarianism is in retreat.

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RDI is helping lead a national conversation on how the alliance of dictators is threatening democracy around the world and how we can protect it.
Our work has been featured in dozens of major news outlets across the globe:

We have donated over $12 million in humanitarian aid to Ukraine since the full-scale invasion in early 2022. We take a value investing approach to grant-making, offering small grants directly to organizations working with frontline communities to keep them safe on their own land and ensure Ukraine's viability the day after the war.

We founded our groundbreaking Frontline of Freedom (FOF) network of 120+ international freedom and democracy dissidents to champion the cause of freedom around the globe. By amplifying the lessons learned and lived experiences of dissidents who have faced the challenges of tyranny firsthand, FOF seeks to illuminate the path to a freer, more just world.

You can learn more about our work in our 2023 Annual Report

Join us in uniting thought leaders, activists, students, and dedicated individuals across the country who believe in the power of freedom and democracy.
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Our Work

From raising the voices of dissidents to sending humanitarian aid to Ukraine, we’re empowering those at the frontlines of the fight for freedom and inspiring those in the US and other free countries to defend our own democracies.

About Us

We are dissidents, veterans, business leaders, journalists, and ordinary citizens working together to realize a world in which the forces of freedom are united and authoritarianism is in retreat