Europeans’ Hopes and Fears for the Future of Ukraine

Experts and policymakers make the case for Ukraine in a series of RDI talks in Prague and Berlin What can civil society leaders and public officials do to bring about a Ukrainian victory? That was the topic of conversation in a series of roundtable discussions in Prague and Berlin that RDI hosted in partnership with […]

Garry Kasparov: I Looked at the Map When Russia launched its brutal invasion of Ukraine over one year ago, seemingly everyone was shocked, but not Garry Kasparov. Kasparov has warned about Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine since 2014, but his calls fell on deaf ears. For two decades, the West tolerated Putin despite his hostility towards sovereign nations. They believed that […]

Germany’s Incomplete Revolution

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine remade German policy––sort of The German government would like you to know it’s changed. On February 27, three days after Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine, Chancellor Olaf Scholz declared it a Zeitenwende––a watershed moment––for German policy. No more Russian oil pipelines. No more believing that lucrative deals could turn rivals into […]