Why are so many candidates in Latin America extremist?

From Chile to Mexico, 2021 has been filled with major elections across Latin America. While the voters have weighed in on referendums, filled seats for legislatures, and selected heads of state, the elections have shared a key characteristic: extremism tends to be on the ballot, and it often does well. Latin America is hardly the […]

Can the Greens help Germany grow a backbone?

As more than 100,000 Russian troops mobilized on the border with Ukraine, the EU’s most influential country hammered out the final details in two-months-long negotiations to form a new government. The German federal elections were held in September, and the victorious parties have divided government posts among themselves based on their respective vote totals. Thus […]

What’s the Story Behind Banned Books Week?

By Joseph Tufano This week is Banned Books Week, an annual event held at the end of every September to commemorate the freedom of information in classrooms, libraries, and bookstores. It was created in 1982 by Judith Krug, director of the Office for Intellectual Freedom (arm of the American Library Association) after the Supreme Court […]

What’s worse than voter suppression?

A few days ago, John Oliver devoted a full 20 minutes of his HBO show to discuss voting rights, or more specifically, the challenge to voting rights posed by new restrictions in Republican-led states. If you’re listening to any Democratic politician, tuning into any centrist or left-leaning news channel, or even just keeping up with […]