El Salvador’s Millennial Dictator

If you made a style magazine with the last century’s dictators, you’d realize that they all have basically the same taste: big chandeliers, big furs, big statues, bigger portraits. Everything in their palaces is gilded and built on a scale better fit for giants than humans. This style is so consistent that a journalist wrote […]

Democracy’s Survival: Past and Future

By Haven Lerner An ailing economy, widespread worry regarding the fate of American democracy, and a government willing and wanting to take drastic action to address both. This combination of trends characterized the nation as both Joe Biden and FDR rose to power (albeit with some distinctions given that their presidencies were, after all, nearly […]

Democracy Dies in Boredom

On Sunday, August 22nd, the world’s attention was fixed on Kabul. It was a week since the Taliban had entered the city and President Ashraf Ghani abandoned his people. Desperate Afghans crowded the gates around Hamid Karzai Airport, hoping to secure their last chance at freedom. Those who couldn’t make it out faced dark futures. […]

Learning to live with the Taliban

The Taliban control Afghanistan. Their insurgency is over, but their task of governing is just beginning. We don’t have to tell you that 80,000 militants aren’t up for the job. For the 38 million people of Afghanistan, things are dire. Last year, 43 percent of Afghanistan’s GDP was foreign aid––almost all of which is threatened. 80 percent of the […]

Where’d all the white people go?

The census data is out and things are looking bearish for white folks. The white population is down by 8.6%, and the non-white population is going up, up, up.  With headlines this juicy, it didn’t take long for the politicos to bite. Charles Blow wrote in the New York Times that “It Was a Terrifying Census for White Nationalists.” The […]

Can we solve gerrymandering?

“Gerrymander” is a swear word in American politics, with just 5% of Americans supporting the practice. But redistricting following the census results has it on everyone’s minds again, with some prominent Democrats raising the alarm that Republican state legislatures might use it to skew the map in their favor. Last week, former Attorney General Eric Holder wrote that “The […]

The Plot to Destroy the West

You’ve probably heard about Tucker Carlson’s summer holiday in Hungary. The meandering streets, the mighty Danube, historic Matthias Church, a notorious illiberal autocrat. For Carlson, it’s something of a paradise, where the strongman leader Viktor Orbán is free to destroy Hungarian freedom. Courts aren’t delivering the results you want? Replace them. Media outlets criticizing the government? […]

Whatever happened to the Durham Report?

Back in April of 2019, Attorney General William Barr appointed John Durham to look into how the FBI investigated whether or not the Trump campaign colluded with Russian officials. It was sort of an anti-Mueller Report, whose results promised exoneration for Trump and criminal convictions for those who had wronged him. At least, that’s what you’d think […]

Three Elections (Way) Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Germany: September 26 Angela Merkel’s 16-year reign is ending, and Germany will elect a new government in September. The new chancellor will lead the most influential country in the European Union, manage Germany’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, and mediate an increasingly fraught relationship with other Western democracies as Germany finalizes the Nord Stream 2 […]

Do the parties represent the people?

Mississippi is legalizing medical marijuana, Missouri is expanding Medicaid, and California won’t allow for affirmative action in college admissions. Given that the first two states are Republican strongholds and the California state legislature is famously progressive, we wouldn’t blame you for being surprised. But state legislatures had no hand in these measures. Instead, all three […]