Development Consultant

About Us

The Renew Democracy Initiative (RDI) is dedicated to creating a movement based on rational discourse and political liberalism, both of which have come under threat from across the political spectrum. Founded by a diverse, cross-partisan group of leaders including former world chess champion, Garry Kasparov, Senators Heidi Heitkamp and Bob Kerrey; and Pulitzer Prize-winners Bret Stephens and Anne Applebaum, we are committed to data-driven decision-making and combating the twin threats of Far-Leftand Far-Right radicalism. Our Board and extended network give us unique credibility and a global perspective enabling us to build a new movement in the US not beholden to either of these extremes.

With autocratic movements growing in strength in countries around the globe, we must make a stand in defense of constitutional democracy in the United States because American leadership is paramount to guiding the free world through its current political, economic, and health crises. “As America, so the world.”

The Role

RDI is looking for a Development consultant to help build a sustainable fundraising pipeline along with organization-wide systems for development that will set RDI up for success over the long-term. This will involve high-level strategic thinking as well as more tactical prospect identification and research.

Development Consultant Responsibilities

  • Developing a cohesive strategy for fundraising among 3 key groups:
    • High net-worth individuals
    • Foundations, corporations, & other institutional donors
    • Small-dollar donors (eventually)
  • Identify prospects for top of funnel:
    • Foundations & high net-worth individuals
    • Organize thought leadership events to drive interest & build relationships
  • Develop research & recommend the right approach for those prospects.
    • This may include identifying connections to these prospects through the Board / RDI Ecosystem & recommending who should make the initial approach.
  • Eventually, in a 2nd phase, develop more robust smaller-dollar fundraising operation through:
    • Events (virtual & in-person), Digital Marketing, Direct Mail
  • Help the organization build a community for funders (including possible funding tiers)
  • Maintain and expand the existing donor database and help ensure consistent communication with them
  • Assist ED in managing relationships with funders
    • Which funders need a higher touch? Which are frustrated? Which would like a meeting with a particular board member?

How To Apply

For RDI to conduct the most efficient proposal evaluation, bidders are required to include the following information in their proposals as described below:

  • Contact Information – A description of the bidder and detailed contact information.
  • Price Schedule – A description of the bidder’s price schedule – daily or hourly rates.
  • Capability Statement – A detailed response to the service/specifications requested, along with an outlined work plan.
  • Professional References – A list of at least three professional references with detailed contact information.

Proposals and all questions pertaining to this proposal may be submitted electronically via email to Uriel Epshtein at

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