A Cause Worth Fighting For: Democracy and the Need for Public Engagement

By Alec Medine For more than a century, democracy has been the status quo political force in the world, just like the monarchism and feudalism which had preceded it. Since the birth of the world’s first significant democratic republic in 1776, many new political systems have come and gone, but none of these ideologies have […]

Democratic Shortsightedness: The Seductive Lure of Enlightened Despotism

By Teddy Tawil This is the third article in a series on shortsighted policy-making in democracies. This entry will explore the disturbing question of whether the answer isn’t fixing democracy, but rather, scrapping it entirely. Can only an enlightened despot solve our biggest problems?  To read the previous entries in this series, please visit the […]

Warfare on the Public Square: The Danger of Armed Militias

By Alec Medine  History Repeating?  As the news buzzes with anxious coverage on the certification of the 2020 Election taking place on January 6th, the President issued a clarion call via Twitter for his supporters to converge on the nation’s capital. Many observers worry that violence could ensue. These protesters, many of whom belong to […]

Democratic Shortsightedness: False Prophets?

By Teddy Tawil This is the second article in a series on shortsighted policy-making in democracies. It will explore the question of whether crafting policy for future generations is not just thankless, but also, fruitless: is it unwise to try to think too far ahead? Or paternalistic to try to constrain the decision-making authority of […]

Democratic Shortsightedness: The Overlooked Threat

By Teddy Tawil This is the first in a series of articles that will explore shortsighted policy-making in democracies, detailing the problem and discussing why it is so severe. Future entries will investigate how best to address democratic myopia: can democracy be reformed to address this seemingly intractable issue? Do we even have the right […]

The Bizarre World of Astroturfing (And No, Not the Kind On the Football Field)

By Samantha O’Connell What is Astroturfing?  Let’s extend our best wishes to all the fact-checkers hard at work this November, desperately trying to keep up with the president’s relentless onslaught of ridiculous lies regarding the election. How bizarre to see this naked emperor standing before us all each day and having to constantly reiterate in […]

The Decline of Local News and Deterioration of Civil Discourse

By Leah Cogguillo In recent years, productive civil discourse has diminished, replaced with partisan attacks characterized by pettiness and even malevolence. Today, polarization and ideologically-driven division transcends legislative offices, permeating our everyday lives and dictating our relationships. According to one study by Pew Research, 63% of consistent conservatives and 49% of consistent liberals say most […]