It’s Not Just Salman Rushdie

How transnational repression extends authoritarians’ power into the free world The attempted assassination of Salman Rushdie in quiet upstate New York last Friday was a shock. The fact that someone—anyone—got to him after thirty years of trying is tragically not.  Rushdie has a target on his head, placed by the Iranian regime, whose foreign ministry […]

Trump World Just Had Its Jan 6

How Trump supporters turned on federal law enforcement and what it means for the future The FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago is a big deal, and not just for the criminal investigation it represents. For many Trump supporters, the raid set off a nuclear bomb at the heart of our democracy. It was an apocalyptic event, […]

Semiconductors Are a Full-Blown Problem

China’s threat to invade Taiwan exposes critical weaknesses in American industry Congress recently passed the (mostly) bipartisan CHIPS and Science Act, pumping $52 billion into domestic semiconductor production and more than $200 billion into science and technology research. It’s a good sign that we’re taking semiconductor production seriously, and a few years ago it would be […]

Burning Down the House

Fake electors, bureaucrat purges, and secession. Donald Trump is back.  This past week, Trump returned to Washington to deliver a speech at the America First Policy Institute’s agenda summit. It didn’t take long for him to revive old lies about the 2020 election and offer new ones about the January 6th committee.  “Everything this corrupt […]

Are Farmers Revolting Against a Globalist Conspiracy?

A farmer protest movement in the Netherlands is taking the Far Right by storm The Netherlands is about to fall to a cabal of globalists hellbent on seizing property, pumping the country full of refugees, and turning the Dutch people into subservient drones. Or at least that’s what the far-right media would have you believe. […]

Why Are Russian Hackers Trying to Topple Costa Rica?

Costa Rica’s government struggles through debilitating cyberattacks by a group calling for regime change On April 17th, Costa Rican officials in the Ministry of Finance realized they were facing a massive cyberattack, locking them out of their network. Over the following weeks, 26 other government institutions ultimately fell victim, crippling the Costa Rican government’s ability to conduct […]

How to Overturn an Election

The Moore v. Harper decision could allow state legislatures to subvert elections The January 6th hearings have proven that the threats to our elections come from all directions: the White House, a violent mob, secretaries of state, legal machinations, alternative electors claiming their state went for Trump with a senator’s aid. Dangerous plots abound, but […]

The Politicization of the Supreme Court is Complete

The Supreme Court has always been political, but now its reputation is crashing. Welcome to the Democracy Brief. Check out this week’s episode of Winter is Here where RDI’s Board President, Senator Heidi Heitkamp, sits down with Uriel Epshtein for a conversation on a perceived urban-rural divide and the impact it has on democracy in the US […]

The January 6th Bombshells

Why criminal charges for top officials are looking more likely The January 6th committee hearings are confirming what we knew: Trump and his inner circle conspired to overturn the election; a few people stopped the conspiracy from going forward; the mob storming the Capitol was predictable and key figures in the administration could have prevented […]

It’s Time for a Great Voting Rights Compromise

Last week, the co-founder and CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, announced that he was stepping down from his role and soon to leave the company altogether. The decision comes three years after he publicly discussed Twitter’s struggle to control misinformation and hate speech, echo chambers, and an algorithm which favors controversial content. Since then, improvements have been marginal at best.