RDI’s Statement Re: the Events of January 6th by Uriel Epshtein and Daniel Miller 

This morning, millions of Americans awoke to the presumptive victories of Jon Ossoff and the Reverend Raphael Warnock in Georgia. It was another successful exercise in American democracy. We could take particular pride in the fact that the Rev. Dr. Warnock, a pastor who preaches from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s former pulpit, is the […]

Scholars, pundits, politicians gather in Baltimore for wide-ranging discourse on democracy

There was a true meeting of the minds in Baltimore on Thursday as more than 20 leading pundits, policymakers, scholars, and journalists visited the George Peabody Library at Johns Hopkins University for a daylong conference centered on the crisis of rising authoritarianism and decreasing democracy around the world. “The symptoms are all around us,” said […]

For Unity, Community, and Responsibility: The Alliance Party of America Is Born

The two-party monopoly has abjectly failed the American people. The Alliance Party has a better way forward. Editor’s Note:  The Alliance Party is a new political party, registered with the Federal Election Commission, that recently formed as the merger of several smaller centrist parties. Those parties include the American Moderate Party, the American Party, and […]

The political center is fighting back

This can be a dispiriting time to follow U.S. politics — especially for someone of my classical liberal (a.k.a. conservative) views. President Trump is the most unethical, unhinged and openly racist president in modern history, and yet he still maintains the support of roughly 40 percent of voters and 85 percent of Republicans. GOP leaders know how awful he […]

Democracy in Decline at Home and Abroad

Global Democracy on the Decline  Freedom House, a world leader in tracking and analyzing democracy around the world, has released a bleak report on the state of global democracy. This is the 14th consecutive year of global democratic decline according to Freedom House’s metrics. While authoritarian and illiberal regimes have always posed a threat to democratic ideals, the magnitude […]

Illiberalism Is Rising. Here’s How We Can Turn That Tide and Renew Our Democracy.

“I didn’t leave the Democratic Party,” Ronald Reagan famously quipped. “The Democratic Party left me.” At a moment when our main political parties are looking unrecognizable, large numbers of Americans are feeling politically homeless. Even the Gipper would likely be thrown out of today’s Republican Party as an apostate. Reagan was, after all, the president […]