Are Cuban protests helping Republicans?

Preview – Are Cuban protests helping Republicans? Hi {{FirstName or “Friend”}}, Here’s what you need to know about democracy this week: 1    Are Cuban protests helping Republicans? Cubans have taken to the streets across their country in the largest protests in decades. Meanwhile, even though these protests are happening hundreds of miles offshore, they […]

You Should Care About Myanmar

Preview – How Do We Restore Accountability in the Executive Branch?     Hey {{FirstName or “Friend”}}, This week, we launched The Renew Democracy Community, an online forum where members of the RDI community can connect with like-minded individuals, learn from one another, and become a part of the conversation about how to reinvigorate our […]

Definiendo La Democracia: Criminal Justice Reform

Over 2.3 million people in prison, nearly a quarter of the world’s prison population. More correctional facilities than any other country, at a federal cost of $80 billion a year. These are startling statistics for a country generally considered to be “The Land of the Free.” What is more, despite violent crime rates falling by […]

Independence: The Key to Good Decisions

No Longer Going Like a BoeingDemocracy is fundamentally about protecting the individual while simultaneously respecting the needs of the community. The importance of that give-and-take is, like many things, most obvious when things go wrong – as they most assuredly have in the institutional relationship between Boeing and the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA). The Boeing […]