Democracy in Practice

Our flagship event series convenes cutting edge thinkers, public officials, activists, writers, and pro-democracy leaders to examine specific challenges to democracy and possible solutions to them. Unorthodox & thought-provoking, these events offer unique perspectives on important issues, including the role of religion in a democracy, the threat of authoritarianism in America, and the importance of restoring civic duty and civility in society today.

Past Events' Highlights

Eliot Higgins

Putin's Assassins Exposed: An Evening w/ Bellingcat Founder Eliot Higgins

Annie Duke & Garry Kasparov

Lessons from the Queen’s Gambit Event

Garry Kasparov, Alexander Vindman, Anne Applebaum

How Does Democracy Die?

The late Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, Irshad Manji, and David French

Can Democracy Survive Without Religion