Our Values Statement

At RDI, we are united by a core set of values. Learn more about our commitment to democratic principles by scrolling through our values statement page. We encourage you to sign our values statement as well.

Our Videos

Each week, we release powerful and engaging videos in order to foster a national movement that prioritizes American leadership, free discourse, and constitutional principles.

Defining Democracy

Freedom of the press, separation of powers, and the other pillars of our democracy are not simply theoretical concepts. These long-form narratives define core principles of democracy and illustrate their importance to our everyday lives.

Democracy Weekly

Our weekly newsletter offers an incisive deep dive into 3-4 key stories related to democracy both in the U.S. and around the world. A unique publication, it cuts through the partisan noise to focus on what should really matter to us as we fight for key constitutional principles.


Fight for Liberty is a roadmap for the struggle against the rising tide of extremism and a cri de coeur in defense of the liberal world order, which today is threatened like never before. This book is RDI’s foundational document, a collection of essays that analyze the multi-pronged threats to liberal democracy in the U.S. and abroad, and offer solutions based on fundamental democratic principles such as freedom of speech, a free press, and the rule of law.


Petitions are a key part of our fight for change. Our latest petition called on Defense Secretary Mark Esper and General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to uphold their oaths of office and refuse to turn the U.S. military against American citizens. Sign your name to demand action!

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