Support for Ukraine

With Ukraine defending itself and the rest of the Free World against authoritarian assault, RDI is rallying those who believe in freedom to come to its aid.

Humanitarian Aid

RDI has raised and distributed over $10 million to Ukrainian frontline communities that are otherwise inaccessible to foreign aid groups. Our giving philosophy is to enable Ukrainians to remain safe in their homes and return to areas liberated from Russia, ensuring that Ukrainians never become refugees in the first place.

Truth Over Tyranny

Supporting Ukraine is not an act of charity, but of self-defense. Putin is waging a war against liberty. The people of Ukraine are his latest target, but they won’t be his last. RDI has launched a campaign to ensure that decision-makers, journalists, and the public recognize the gravity of the situation and that free people everywhere rise to the occasion and defend their freedom.

Ukrainian soldiers

General Hodges on the War in Ukraine

RDI partnered with retired U.S. Army Lieutenant General Ben Hodges and New Debate to offer a comprehensive strategic analysis of the war in Ukraine. In this unique series, General Hodges not only offers battlefield updates but also clear analysis of what those developments mean for the future of the conflict.

Retired U.S. Army Lieutenant General Ben Hodges

European Roundtable Discussions

Working with American Purpose, RDI hosted a series of off-the-record roundtable discussions in Berlin with key thought leaders from both the US and Germany including members of the government, military, and press. Not only is Germany a key European leader, but it has become one of the most important supporters of Ukraine. Maintaining and expanding on that support within the framework of the  trans-Atlantic alliance is key to the future of the Free World.

Ukrainian protestors


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