Scholars, pundits, politicians gather in Baltimore for wide-ranging discourse on democracy

There was a true meeting of the minds in Baltimore on Thursday as more than 20 leading pundits, policymakers, scholars, and journalists visited the George Peabody Library at Johns Hopkins University for a daylong conference centered on the crisis of rising authoritarianism and decreasing democracy around the world. “The symptoms are all around us,” said […]

For Unity, Community, and Responsibility: The Alliance Party of America Is Born

The two-party monopoly has abjectly failed the American people. The Alliance Party has a better way forward. Editor’s Note:  The Alliance Party is a new political party, registered with the Federal Election Commission, that recently formed as the merger of several smaller centrist parties. Those parties include the American Moderate Party, the American Party, and […]

The political center is fighting back

This can be a dispiriting time to follow U.S. politics — especially for someone of my classical liberal (a.k.a. conservative) views. President Trump is the most unethical, unhinged and openly racist president in modern history, and yet he still maintains the support of roughly 40 percent of voters and 85 percent of Republicans. GOP leaders know how awful he […]