Take it from us

these dictators don’t stop;
they are stopped

Enes Kanter Freedom
NBA Player
Evan Mawarire
Founder #ThisFlag Movement
Garry Kasparov
World Chess Champion
Jeanine Áñez
Former Bolivian President
Juan Guaidó
Acting President of Venezuela
Jorge “Tuto” Quiroga
Former Bolivian President






Leopoldo López
Venezuelan Opposition Leader
Masih Alinejad
Iranian American Journalist
Mikhail Khodorkovsky
Russian Public Figure
Nathan Law
Hong Kong Democracy Activist
Reza Pahlavi
Crown Prince of Iran

Take it from us

these dictators don’t stop;
they are stopped






Enes Kanter Freedom
NBA Player
Evan Mawarire
Founder #ThisFlag Movement
Garry Kasparov
World Chess Champion
Jeanine Áñez
Former Bolivian President
Juan Guaidó
Acting President of Venezuela
Julio “Tuto” Quiroga
Former Bolivian President

Leopoldo López
Venezuelan Opposition Leader
Masih Alinejad
Iranian American Journalist
Mikhail Khodorkovsky
Russian Public Figure
Nathan Law
Hong Kong Democracy Activist
Reza Pahlavi
Crown Prince of Iran

Ukraine is on the Frontlines of Freedom

We are 85 dissidents from 24 oppressive countries. As those who know firsthand the experience of living under oppression, we have come together to warn the Free World that it’s not just our freedoms that are under threat. We know that the dictators back home will stop at nothing to destroy freedom anywhere and everywhere. This is why we are calling on all free nations and citizens from all over the world to come together and defend Ukraine. Vladimir Putin’s attack on his neighbor is an attack on the idea of democracy itself. If we fail to stop him here, he and all the dictators aligned with him will continue to spread darkness to the rest of the Free World.

Authoritarian rulers already support one another’s regimes as they aim to mold the world in their own image. The regimes in Syria, Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, and others have banded together against democracy in defense of their own power. Meanwhile, Putin has meddled in the elections of at least 27 countries. These actions all stem from an authoritarian fear that freedom is infectious – that a free and prosperous neighbor might give the Russian people hope that they may one day be free to decide their own futures. China’s Xi Jinping has the same fears about democracy in Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan.

Dictators around the world are watching how you respond to Putin’s aggression to see how much they can get away with. Take it from us – people who have suffered under authoritarianism; who understand how authoritarians work – these dictators don’t stop; they are stopped. And the Free World has given dictators free rein for too long. Democracies failed to adequately respond when Putin invaded Georgia in 2008, when he first invaded Ukraine in 2014, when he propped up dictators in Syria, Kazakhstan and Belarus, and when he assembled his troops on the border of Ukraine.

So now, we must do what we can to not only help the people of Ukraine fight to save their homes and families, but to nurture freedom around the world. By signing this letter, all of us – dissidents from Russia to Iran; Cuba to Cambodia; South Sudan to Syria, and 18 other countries, are uniting not only in defense of our own peoples, but in defense of liberty everywhere. If dictators can help each other, so must we. Together, we stand with Ukraine.

Abdalaziz Alhamza – Syria

Journalist and co-founder, Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently (RBSS)

Ahmed Naje – Egypt

Writer & Novelist

Ahmed Naje – Egypt

Writer Fellow at Black Mountain Institute (UNLV)

Alex Chow – Hong Kong

Former Student Leader of the Umbrella Movement

Andréi Sánnikov – Belarus

Fmr. Presidential Candidate & Deputy Foreign Minister; Fmr. Prisoner of Conscience; Coordinator – European Belarus

Anna Kwok – Hong Kong

Strategy and Operations Associate, Hong Kong Democracy Council

Antonio Ledezma – Venezuela

Political Leader, Venezuela

Armando Armas – Venezuela


Berta Valle – Nicaragua

Nicaraguan Journalist, Felix Maradiaga’s wife

Bianca Jagger – Nicaragua

The Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation

Brian Leung – Hong Kong

HK Democracy Activist in Exile, Exec Dir. of HKDC

Carolina Barrero – Cuba

Writer & Democratic Activist

Claudia Escobar – Guatemala

Former Judge and Legal Specialist on Anti-Corruption; Executive Director – Be Just

Dan Wang – China

Tiananmen Leader

Deysi George – Nicaragua

Coordinator of Alliance for Civic Justice & A Democratic Nicaragua

Dimitry Gudkov – Russia

Russian Politician & Opposition Party Member

Dolkun Isa – East Turkistan

President, World Uyghur Congress

Elfidar Iltebir – East Turkistan

Secretary General, Uyghur American Association

Dr. Elisa Trotta – Venezuela

Venezuelan Ambassador to Argentina

Enes Kanter Freedom – Turkey

NBA Player, Dissident

Enghebatu Togochog – Southern Mongolia (Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region)

Director of the Southern Mongolia Human Rights Information Center

Estefanía Maléndez – Venezuela

Venezuelan Ambassador to Bulgaria

Evan Mawarire – Zimbabwe

Pastor; Founder – #ThisFlag Movement;
Yale World Fellow

Faisal Al-Mutar – Iraq

Founder, Ideas Beyond Borders

Fatou Jaw Manneh – Gambia

Journalist & Activist

Félix Llerena – Cuba

Rights Defender & Democratic Activist

Fengsuo Zhou – China

President of Humanitarian China, Tiananmen Student Leader

Frances Hui – Hong Kong

Founder, WeTheHongKonger. Journalist

Franco Casella – Venezuela


Garry Kasparov – Russia

Former World Chess Champion & Chairman 
– Renew Democracy Initiative

Ivan Tyutrin – Russia

Executive Secretary, Free Russia Forum

Jeanine Áñez – Bolivia

Ex President of Bolivia

Jeffrey Ngo – Hong Kong

Former Demosisto standing-committee member

Jianli Yang – China

Initiatives for China

Joey Siu – Hong Kong

Hong Kong Watch

José Guedez – Venezuela

Venezuelan Ambassador to Morocco

Juan Guaidó – Venezuela

President of the National Assembly of Venezuela

Jorge “Tuto” Quiroga – Bolivia

Former President of Bolivia

Khin Omar – Burma

Chairperson of Progressive Voice

Kitty Monterrey – Nicaragua

Citizens for Freedom / Vice President Liberal International

Lenner Fonseca – Nicaragua

Peasant Movement

Leopoldo Lopez – Venezuela

Levis Artola – Nicaragua

Student Leader, Former Political Prisoner

Mai Khôi – Vietnam

Artist & Activist

Manal Al-Sharif – Saudi Arabia

Saudi Activist

Marc Ona – Gabon

Executive Director of Brainforest

Marina Nemat – Iran


Mario Massone – Venezuela

Venezuelan Ambassador to Romania

Mary Ponte – Venezuela

Venezuelan Ambassador to Belgium

Masih Alinejad – Iran

Journalist & Founder of My Stealthy Freedom / White Wednesdays

Massiel Rubio – Cuba

Artist & Democratic Activist

Mehmet Tohti – East Turkistan

Director, Uyghur Rights Advocacy Project

Meron ​​Estefanos – Eritrea

Executive Director, Eritrean Initiative on Refugee Rights (EIRR)

Michel Hausmann – Venezuela

Theater Director, Writer & Producer – Co-Founder & Artistic Director of Miami New Drama

Mikhail Khodorkovskiy – Russia

Public Figure

Mohamed Soltan – Egypt

President, The Freedom Initiative

Natalia Kaliada – Belarus

Founding Co-Artistic Director of Belarus Free Theatre

Natalya Radina – Belarus

Editor-in-Chief, Charter97

Nathan Law – Hong Kong

Hong Kong Democracy Activist; Chairman, Demosisto

Netiwit Chotiphatphaisal – Thailand

Thai activist, President of Chulalongkorn University Student Union

Nurcan Baysal – Turkey

Author, Journalist & Human Rights Defender

Nury Turkel – East Turkistan

Co-Founder & Board Chair, Uyghur Human Rights Project

Olivia Lozano – Venezuela


Omar Alshogre – Syria

Human Rights Advocate

Omer Kanat – East Turkistan

Executive Director, Uyghur Human Rights Project

Pedro Mario Burelli – Venezuela

Founder and Managing Director, B+V Advisors

Peter Biar Ajak – South Sudan

President, Revive South Sudan

Reza Pahlavi – Iran

Crown Prince of Iran

Roberto Veiga González – Cuba

Lawyer & Democratic Activist

Rodrigo Diamanti – Venezuela

Human Rights Activist

Rosa María Payá – Cuba

Human Rights Activist

Rosalia Miller – Nicaragua

Nicaragua Freedom Coalition

Santiago Urbina – Nicaragua

Leader of Blue and White National Unity

Sergio Vergara – Venezuela


Sergio Ramirez – Nicaragua

Nicaraguan Writer

Sochua Mu – Cambodia

Vice-President, Cambodia National Rescue Party

Sunny Cheung – Hong Kong


Teng Biao – China

President, China Against the Death Penalty

Thais Pujol Acosta – Cuba

Democratic Activist

Violeta Delgado – Nicaragua

Autonomous Women’s Movement

Wai Hnin Pwint Thon – Burma

Senior Advocacy Officer at Burma Campaign UK

Wuer Kaixi – China

Taiwan Parliamentary Human Rights Commission, Tiananmen Square Student Movement Leader

Xavier Bonilla – Ecuador

Bonil, Political Cartoonist

Yoani Sanchez – Cuba

Cuban Blogger

Yunior García Aguilera – Cuba

Bonil, Political Cartoonist

Aaro Berhane

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