RDI Humanitarian Aid

RDI has developed a value-investing approach where each dollar we raise fills a gap in existing aid and is targeted for maximum impact in frontline communities, enabling more people to either return to their homes or never leave in the first place. Our deep connections in Ukraine have enabled us to cut out middlemen and work directly with affected communities at scale. To give jobs to Ukrainians and develop internal Ukrainian capacity, we ensure that as much of our aid as possible is produced in-country.

RDI is collecting donations in three areas:

Sleeping Bags

Donated so far: 37,440 units

Unit Cost: $75

As a result of Russian shelling and missile strikes, Ukrainians are forced to sleep in basements of homes with broken windows, or sometimes even in tents. With winter around the corner, we need to ensure that these families can stay in their homes even during those weeks when temperatures inside dip below freezing. Sleeping bags are produced in Ukraine and distributed to frontline communities.

A single $75 contribution can enable us to produce and distribute a sleeping bag to someone in need.

Meals Ready to Eat (MREs)

Donated So Far: 189,145 units

Unit Cost: $15

One of the key challenges facing frontline communities in Ukraine is a shortage of shelf-stable food. With a frequently disrupted energy grid and the need to escape Russian shelling a feature of daily life, Ukrainians living near the frontlines need food supplies that are easily moved and do not require additional preparation. A donation of $15 will provide an MRE totaling 3,500+ calories and can feed someone for at least a day.


Water Filtration Units

Donated So Far: 8 units

Unit Cost: $75,000

Russia has made a concerted effort to disrupt Ukrainian drinking water supplies, which were fragile even before the war. Our portable water filtration systems can help Ukraine address this challenge by supporting 30,000 people per day with clean drinking water.

water filtration

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