The Challenge

Since the end of the Cold War, we have failed to make a strong case for democracy. As a result, many Americans feel like they’re not a part of the political process; some have even rejected our foundation – a constitutional democracy – as a necessary element of their lives.  

  • Only one-third of American Millennials think that it is “essential” to live in a democracy. 
  • Thirty six percent have positive views of communism. 
  • Two-thirds of Americans cannot name the three branches of government.

If our citizens do not understand or appreciate the basic principles of a free and open society, then our democracy is at risk. 

Our Objectives

  1. Create the intellectual foundation that would make significant political reform possible

  2. Foster a national movement that prioritizes American leadership, free discourse, and constitutional principles

Our Approach

Create compelling video content and organize exciting events that make a strong case for democracy

Effectively distribute our content to wide swaths of the public

By reaching millions of people, develop a widespread understanding of democracy’s importance to our lives.

Offer people ways to get involved and build a movement dedicated to core principles and pragmatic solutions among those tired of increasing radicalization.

Our Values


Freedom of the press, speech, conscience, religion, and assembly


Integrity and fairness of elections


Equal justice, due process, and an independent judiciary


Equality of opportunity


A competitive marketplace free from corruption


Free flow of goods, services, capital, and ideas


A rational and humane immigration policy


A government accountable to its citizens


Civil discussion of controversial political issues


Safeguarding the rights of all individuals

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