RDI 2023 Annual Report

American Democracy

RDI is committed to unmasking and confronting the alliance of dictators threatening freedom around the world. Through incisive creative content, advocacy campaigns, and direct humanitarian aid, RDI is helping defend freedom at home and abroad. 

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In 2023, RDI held our inaugural Frontlines of Freedom Conference on combating transnational repression. We published Making Putin Pay, a report led by noted legal scholar Laurence Tribe, establishing President Biden’s authority to turn frozen Russian assets into a resource for Ukrainian victory. Our team launched Frontlines of Freedom TV, a new web show that goes toe-to-toe with propagandists and agents of viral disinformation in ways the legacy media cannot. All the while, we continued to provide significant material aid to frontline communities in Ukraine directly affected by the Russian invasion.

There is a lot at stake for democracy in the year ahead, and we are just getting started. Keep an eye on our efforts as we expand these essential programs and launch new ones in the year ahead.