The #RenewDemocracy Virtual Rally


Democracy Rally


What: Join us to celebrate our democracy and discuss where we go from here! 

The rally will be organized around the foundational principles of our nation: Civic Duty, Fairness, Freedom, and Opportunity.
Special Prize: Announcing Alex Vindman’s 3 favorite #RenewDemocracy contributions.

Our speakers include some of
democracy's greatest defenders

Fmr. World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov 

Lt. Col. (Ret) Alexander Vindman 

Founder of Kind Snacks & Philanthropist  Daniel Lubetzky 

Fmr. Rep. Barbara Comstock (R)

North Korean Refugee & Activist Yeonmi Park 

Pastor Evan Mawarire

Miles Taylor (NYT Anonymous)

Fmr. U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara

Fmr. World Poker Champion Annie Duke

#RenewDemocracy Challenge

  • We asked what democracy means to you and so far, we’ve been thrilled with the results:
  • Hundreds of videos, 4+ million views on social media, 120,000+ likes, 45,000+ posts with the #RenewDemocracy hashtag
  • If you haven’t had the chance, feel free to post a video or message about what democracy means to you on twitter, facebook, tiktok or another social media platform with “#RenewDemocracy”!

Why did we organize this event?

On January 6th, the US Capitol building, the seat of our democracy, was attacked. This attack was made possible by weeks of verbal assaults against our elections, against the people’s right to vote, and ultimately against American values themselves. 

So, both as a celebration of our democracy, and as a rebuke to those who have attacked it, we are excited to bring together some of democracy’s greatest defenders in the US and around the world for an inspiring discussion of how we can renew democracy together. To be sure, we face serious challenges, both in America and around the globe. But we believe that by returning to America’s founding principles, and more fully realizing them for the 21st century, we can reinvigorate our democracy.